Suelle Harts is celebrating the expansion of her jewelry line, and to ensure the satisfaction of her customers, she is inviting you to participate in the Golden Rose Poll.

Participate in the poll to compete in the draw for a beautiful 18k gold-plated rose! To participate, all you have to do is subscribe and answer the poll questions here on our website After completing your survey, you will receive your draw participation number via WhatsApp. Then, you just need to follow Suelle Harts's social media (Instagram and Facebook) and wait for the draw date. 


Prize Drawing & Delivery Summary




Drawing is valid for customers and participants in Switzerland.



Poll Starts on:
April 14, 2020
Poll Ends on:
July 15, 2020
Draw Date:
August 1, 2020



Awards Delivery:
Razzia Bar Zürich 
Seefeldstrasse 82
17:00 CET


For your participation to be considered eligible for the draw, you need to:

Answer all questions of the Poll.

Receive the draw ticket number by WhatsApp. You can only receive the prize if you have your number as proof.


Follow Suelle Harts on Instagram and Facebook. 


* The customers and candidates who participate in the Golden Rose Poll and those who have received the participation number of the draw directly by WhatsApp will be the only ones eligible as draw participants.



Customers and candidates who don't follow Suelle Harts on Instagram and Facebook will be considered unqualified for the draw, and another candidate will be drawn without notice. 

* Once selected, the draw winner will be contacted by our team, and he/she must confirm his/her draw number. The winner will be informed through his/her own Facebook or Instagram social media, and this fact will be publicly disclosed. The winner will be invited to send a readable photo of his/her draw participation number.


Subsequently, Suelle Harts will repost the winner's post with the respective draw number and, shortly after, will coordinate the details for the award delivery event. 

*In case of a withdrawal or no-show of the participant within 48 hours after the official draw, another number will be drawn.  


Golden Rose Minutiae

Genuine Roses 🌹

Each rose is specially prepared by hand in a meticulous gold-plating method. The manufacturing process starts by covering real roses with copper and nickel; this gives stability to the roses while maintaining their natural shape and removes all organic material. Then, a layer of pure gold is applied to the rose through a galvanizing process. These truly individual and exclusive pieces are made by professionals with the skills and know-how to ensure unique and exquisite results. The rose also comes in a personalized gift box from Suelle Harts, your jewelry specialist! 

Technical particulars:

Approximate length of 40cm.

18k pure gold-plated layer.   


All roses are prepared by hand in Germany and Switzerland.


How Can You Participate in the Draw?



Answer the poll questions here on our website!



Follow Suelle Hart's social medias pages.
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Receive your receive your draw participation number via WhatsApp.
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